Water Damage Restoration Las Vegas

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Emergency Water Extraction

Green Carpet Pro’s water damage and restoration team is always ready whenever you need assistance extracting water from your home. Don’t let your home or business be threatened by water damage. Call our water damage restoration Las Vegas team now to have our trained technician restore your home back to normal. We are always ready for any water emergencies you may have. Our quick response staff has truck mounted and portable extraction units to perform the most effective water removal. We provide all services required to restore your property.

Now you may be asking to yourself, how does water damage happen? Well, there is a great number of areas for it to occur as modern households have many sources of water which means many sources for leaks to happen. Here is a short list of different ways you can experience water damage in your home:

  • Leaking or burst pipe(s)
  • Leaking roof
  • Showers, bath tubs, sinks, or even washing machines overflowing
  • Water flooding from local rain storms or hurricanes
  • Malfunctioning water pumps from around your house

Water contamination

Water is classified under three different categories when water damage occurs. This can help tell our water damage restoration Las Vegas team if the water has been contaminated and deemed unsafe for people to be in contact with it. The three types are:

  • White Water: This clean water is category 1 and it comes from sanitary sources from around your house like bathtubs, sinks, and more. Because it is category 1, this water is safe for people to be in contact with it.
  • Gray Water: Category 2 water comes from water sources that contains contaminants and can cause you to fall ill if ingested. Some examples are toilets overfilled with urine (not feces), dishwashers, and washing machines. A good rule of thumb is if the water is processed or it has been used by other chemicals, it usually falls under category 2.
  • Black Water: Category 3 water is very dangerous, and you should avoid contact with it. This water can come from a wide variety of sources like sewage, water containing oils, feces, and many more. This water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microbes that you don’t want near you.

Water Removal in Las Vegas, NV

Many people tend to be shocked and freak out when water flooding occurs. This is a normal response; however, many victims of water flooding do not know the proper procedures when this happens. If you discover water flooding in your home or business, you should immediately try to shut off the water for your property to stop any further water damage. Next, you should identify the source of the water flooding; however, if this is not possible, feel free to contact a plumber to help you out here. Afterwards, you should contact a water damage and restoration company like Green Carpet Cleaning to help extract the water from your property. Doing this step, yourself is not only tedious but also dangerous because the water may be contaminated and can fall under category 2 or 3 as previously mentioned. Water damage restoration Las Vegas companies will effectively remove as much water as possible to stop any future water damage to happen and to help you get access to your property ASAP.

With many successful jobs and years of experience under our belts, Green Carpet Cleaning’s water damage and restoration team is a great choice for anyone dealing with water flooding. We understand this is a tough time for many people as it can cause you to lose memorable items (photos, medals) and valuable time. Therefore, we make sure our clients get back into their property quickly and with minimal damage. Ready to give our office a call? If so, feel free to contact us today!

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