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At Green Carpet Cleaning, our goal is to provide you with a high-quality carpet cleaner Las Vegas service that is affordable for the average Joe. Right now, you get 4 rooms and hallway steam cleaned for only $119.00! Our carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV will use only the best equipment and cleaning solutions to provide our clients the best results. Our team strives to ensure we provide you with the best carpet cleaning experience available in Las Vegas. This is why from the moment you call our office to when we are leaving your property, we will make sure you are having a 5-star experience. In our cleaning methods, we use safe and effective citrus based cleaning solutions that won’t harm your family or your pets. We also use the most effective method of cleaning available to clean your carpeting: Truck Mounted and Portable Hot Water Extraction commonly known as “Steam Cleaning”. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water and our cleaning solution to clean carpet fibers that have stubborn stains. Our equipment steam cleaner generates water temperatures up to 230 degrees. The combination of hot water and our non-toxic citrus based cleaners are able to remove the dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and animal dander that build up over time.

Our citrus based cleaning solutions are the most advanced products on the market and will leave your home smelling fresh, your carpet clean, and safe for your pets and children. The combination of hot water, high pressure, and high velocity vacuum extraction leaves no residue that will re-attract soil.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

When our carpet cleaner Las Vegas arrives at a property, the first step is to begin by having a “pre-cleaning” analysis to look for any stubborn stains that will require extra strength to get out. This also gives us a chance to meet with the property owner and vice-versa.

Upon request we will begin applying the carpet cleaning solutions to help loosen any stains or dirt that are tightly attached to the carpet fibers. Once every stain has been taken care of, we will begin the extraction process.

We utilize our steam cleaner here to fully remove all of the carpet stains that are present. Once this is done, we will double check the property to ensure everything is clean and in tip-top shape. What is left is a clean and fresh carpet!

We recommend to only allow hot water extraction to be used for residential and commercial carpets. This carpet cleaning method is both safe and effective. Are you ready to set an appointment to get your house or business’ carpet cleaned? If so, contact our officetoday!

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