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Hidden Dirt on Wood & Laminate Floors

Both wood and laminate flooring have the unique quality of visually obscuring dirt that is sitting right on the surface. Wiping a small area of your wood or laminate flooring with a damp brightly-colored cloth or paper towel is great way to see just how dirty your floors actually are! Chances are, your cloth or paper towel will be very dark after just a single wipe. All of the tiny particles on your floor turn it into a feeding ground for germs and bacteria, leading to even more unsanitary buildup. The prevention of this buildup is paramount to maintaining a healthy and hygienic home or office!

Proper Cleaning of Wood & Laminate

Cleaning wood and laminate flooring properly requires proper tools, chemicals, and cleaning technique. Because of the sensitive nature of laminate flooring, and especially wood flooring, a do-it-yourself cleaning can cause significant damage. Simple mistakes can lead to unsightly damage that requires costly repairs.

The Best Path to Clean Wood & Laminate Floors

The team of experienced professionals at Green Carpet Cleaning has intricate knowledge of wood and laminate floor cleaning that they use to deliver excellent results you can count on. Our processes not only properly maintain your wood and laminate flooring finish, but additionally rejuvenates and extends the life of it.

When it comes to preparing for the day of your wood or laminate floor cleaning with the Green Carpet Cleaning Professionals, we have a few recommendations for achieving the best results:

  • • If possible, remove any furniture from the floors to be cleaned so that our team is able to clean the entirety of the flooring surface.
  • • Notify the team of any particular problem areas that need to be addressed.
  • • Let us know if there are any problems with the installation of your flooring so that we can take the appropriate precautions needed to preserve it.
  • • Allow for two hours before walking on your freshly cleaned floors to achieve the best results!

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Our expertise when it comes to cleaning wood and laminate floors is second to none. If your flooring is ready to be professionally cleaned, don't hesitate to contact the Green Carpet Cleaning team immediately! Click here to reach us via phone or right here online.We look forward to restoring the shine of your wood or laminate flooring!

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