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The first thing we see when we visit a house is the furniture. We want to make sure they are clean in our homes to make it look beautiful. A typical household spends the most amount of time in the family and living room. This causes your furniture to become visibly soiled and matted down with dust, soil, and allergens. The best way to have these soils and allergens removed is to have your upholstery professionally steam cleaned. An upholstery cleaner Las Vegas, NV at Green Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaner that can help remove stains and dirt from any type of fabric and upholstery. Our unique cleaning solutions allows us to have the flexibility to clean all types of fabric. Our pricing is highly competitive with others in the Las Vegas area and we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work done before we finish the job.

This maintenance of your furniture will increase its longevity. Let us restore your upholstery to it’s like-new, leaving your furniture clean and smelling fresh.

The Process

Our upholstery cleaner Las Vegas is trained to clean even the most stubborn stains. We will help restore and clean all your furniture, regardless of its material. Because we use our furniture constantly, they can easily get stained and have issues. Blood, dirt, pet hair, and pet urine stains are no problem for our upholstery cleaner. Our process involves using tools that will help clean your furniture quickly and effectively.

  • We begin with using a non-toxic cleaning solution to help break down the stains on your upholstery, so it can be easily removed without causing any damage.
  • Once the cleaning compound is applied, we utilize a unique brush that can help it loosen up the stains even more.
  • Lastly, we use what is called the HWE (hot water extraction) method. This involves injecting hot water and the cleaning agents that are already applied on your upholstery at a high pressure. This will break down any stain from the fibers of your furniture and we will use a special vacuum to pick up any chemical residue at the same time.

Our process is very safe and can be used on most fabrics that are commonly used on upholstery. The result is a soft and clean furniture that looks brand new.

Upholstery Protectors and Deodorizers

Once we cleaned your upholstery, we recommend protecting it from future stains with our upholstery protector. This can improve its cleanliness and make it look beautiful! If you have indoor pets be sure to ask us about our pet deodorizer solution. This can remove any pet odors that have dug deep into the fibers of your furniture.

If you need upholstery stains removed from your home or even your business, we got you covered! Our versatile upholstery cleaner Las Vegas, NV is ready to help remove any stains on your furniture today so give us a callto setup an appointment!

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