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Are you frustrated by dirty tiles and grout in your property that will not get clean? If so, Green Carpet Cleaning tile cleaner in Las Vegas, NV can help make it look clean and shiny! Some dirt and stains tend to settle deep into the grout lining making it notoriously difficult to clean. This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare as mopping and scrubbing just don’t do the trick. Most people have attempted to clean the grout lines around their floor tiling manually with a short brush and some cleaning compounds; however, this usually results in no progress. Those stubborn stains on your tiles and grout lines can be easily removed by our expert tile cleaner Las Vegas, NV. No need to waste time and money cleaning your tiles with little progress when we can help deliver better results in a short amount of time. If you have other rooms in your house that need to be cleaned as well, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We can handle your drapery, upholstery, and carpet cleaningneeds all in the same visit!

Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Our tile cleaner in Las Vegas utilizes a pressure washing machine that can penetrate and breakdown any dirt or debris on your tiles and grout lines. Not only is this a more effective cleaning method, it is also very efficient and can be done in a single visit! The machines however are not the only advantage we have. We also use specific chemical cleaning compounds that are non-toxic and are provided to a limited amount of cleaning companies around the nation. This allows us to provide our clients with brand new looking tiles and grout!

Cleaning Grout Lines

When people want to remove stubborn stains from concrete they opt for a pressure washer and use powerful chemical compounds when needed. Well, this is the same system used for cleaning grout lines because grout is basically concrete. A standard pressure washer will not be able to do the job. This is where our unique pressure washer cleaning machines are used. What makes them unique? Well, they are meant to be used inside a house without causing water to shoot around the house like a normal pressure washer. Cleaning stubborn stains on your grout lines can be a headache doing it by yourself and should be left to a professional using industrial-grade equipment and chemicals.

Once the job is done, dependent on the type of flooring you have, we will recommend applying sealer for it. This is done once your flooring is clean and dry and it can protect it from stains up to a year! Afterwards, we will buff your floor to make it shine and sparkle. Our tile cleaner Las Vegas will help walk you through the whole process if you have any questions or concerns with the service. Ready to get your flooring all cleaned up and looking gorgeous? If so, get in touch today to setup an appointment.

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