Drapery Cleaning Las Vegas

Your drapes can make a big impression on your home’s aesthetic. They can tie the color scheme of your room together and add cosiness, warmth and elegance to your home. However, when your majestic drapes are exposed to airborne dust, dirt and pollutants they can start to lose their luster. Unless they are properly cared for, your drapes can actually start to undermine the carefully constructed aesthetic of your living space.

If you’re looking for a drapery cleaning service in Las vegas, NV it’s vitally important that your carefully chosen drapes get the tender loving care that they deserve. Fortunately at Green Carpet Cleaning we harness the natural cleaning power of steam to deliver incredible results without damaging your drapes or introducing harmful chemicals into your home.

The importance of drapery cleaning

It’s easy for even the most house proud of us to neglect our drapes when going about our regular cleaning regimen. Dirst, dust and other pollutants don’t always show as conspicuously on drapes as they do in other areas of the home. Nonetheless, over time drapes can pick up airborne dirt and dust that can cause them to appear less vibrant and colorful, sapping the bold hues which add so much to the look of your rooms.

What’s more, neglecting the cleaning of your drapes can also endanger your health and that of your family. As well as dust and dirt, drapes can also attract allergens such as animal dander and can come into contact with insects. They can absorb moisture which makes them vulnerable to molds and mildew. This can lead your once beloved drapes to become a health hazard.

Our drapery cleaning Las Vegas service is just the tip of the iceberg

Needless to say, our drapery cleaning Las Vegas service is only one of the many great cleaning services we offer. Once you’ve seen just how effective our hot water extraction methods can be on your drapes you’ll no doubt want to avail yourself of some of the other services we offer to our customers all over Las Vegas.

We offer carpet, upholstery, rug, and tile cleaning. We also aim to bring our customers the very best value for money with our enticing offers. Check out our range of coupons for some fantastic deals including;

  • 4 room & free hallway clean at just $119
  • Sofa & loveseat clean just $49.95
  • $50 off tile cleaning
  • $50 off Persian and oriental rug cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning at just 99c per pleat on most fabrics.

Why you can trust Green Carpet Cleaning

We don’t think any other drapery cleaning service in Nevada offers better value for money, expertise and outstanding customer service.

Our steam cleaning technology is some of the most powerful and effective in the industry, yet is completely safe and gentle and won’t damage your drapery, carpet or upholstery or void your warranty. Our high-powered cleaning units heat water up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit when cleaning to eliminate germs, allergens, and bacteria that can be buried deep within fibers. Our industrial high-powered vacuums also reach and extract dirt from the padding of carpets and rugs, cutting your dry time to about 2-4 hours on most fabrics.

We specialize in removing even the deepest stains and the worse pet odors and even offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on our recommended services.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment and get ready to fall in love with your drapery all over again!

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